Saturday, June 14, 2008

A Light Lunch

Garden Salad with Shrimp & Blue Cheese Crumbles

As the weather has been warmer, I've been trying to eat lighter meals and especially meals that I can prepare using freshly picked homegrown veggies from my organic garden. Today's lunch was a light but satisfying green salad topped with some shrimp and blue cheese crumbles. It was very tasty. You'll also notice my favorite plastic tumbler full of ice tea in the photo above. It's my Lion King glass that I got at some fast food joint about a decade ago. I still love it!

The mixed salad greens were a combination of the spicy mesclun from my garden, some organic leaf lettuce from the grocery store and some organic spinach from our local farm store. I sliced up one of those huge homegrown radishes that I showed you awhile back and added a little tomato. The blue cheese and shrimp were purchased at Trader Joe's. As was the cocktail sauce adorning the shrimp. A squeeze of lime, some balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil and a few spices added the finishing touches.

It's a good thing I enjoy fresh salads. I have a lot of salad greens in my garden!

Aren't these beautiful?

I just had to show off the velvety red roses that Bob gave me a few days ago.

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Hardware Bob said...

I waited several days for Farmgirl to comment with an ahhhh or two, aren't those beautiful red roses, and isn't he sweet,you are lucky to have a man that loves you that much, but she missed the opportunity. So now I must say I love you a lot.

Farmgirl, where where you, I was counting on you to back me up?

Farmer Jen said...

Hi Bob,
Thank you for noticing and commenting on my beautiful rose photo. I posted it to show off the velvety red roses that you gave me. Farmgirl DK has been very busy lately, but she has commented on my more recent posts.