Friday, June 13, 2008

Green Garden Report

Upper Veggie Garden ~ June 6, 2008

It's been a busy week for me. Not sure what I did this week, but I haven't had time to post anything new in this blog. The garden photo above was taken a week ago. The garden has grown quite a bit since then. Especially the greens and the summer squash.

Summer Squash ~ June 6, 2008

The summer squash, (dark green zucchini, light green zuke, and yellow crookneck squash) shown in the photo above are almost twice that size today.

A few days ago I harvested 1lb of Swiss Chard, 1/2 lb of China Choy cabbage and 3/4 lb of mesclun salad greens. I have plenty more to harvest still in the garden. Our weather has been warming up, so the garden is growing much faster now. I must pick the green leafy things about every two days to keep up with the growth. The salad greens will get bitter if I let them get too big.

Hopefully, I will have plenty of greens for weeks to come, however, tonight I noticed my cabbage and broccoli had lots of holes in their leaves that weren't there yesterday. On closer examination with the light from the flashlight (yes, I was wandering around after dark watching my garden grow) I saw many earwigs and a few little green worms all happily munching on my beautiful leafy greens. I immediately went into the house and mixed up a concoction of soapy water and hot sauce in a spray bottle and came out and sprayed the hell heck out of the plants. I then watched the earwigs and worms try to bail out. I captured several and threw them out of my garden bed. I hope the hot sauce spray really works to warn them to stay away from my food. I'll check the garden again in the morning to see what they left for me to eat.

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Hardware Bob said...

Great garden and you are definitely a fierce protector. Looks like a good production year for you.