Monday, June 9, 2008

Cherry Picker

2 Pounds of freshpicked Bing Cherries

I didn' t get much accomplished over the weekend except for programming some websites and trying to catch up on my much needed sleep, but I did manage to harvest the rest of my beautiful ripe cherries before the wild critters got them.

The photo above shows over 2 lbs of big bright red juicy sweet cherries. This was the harvest off of the Bing side of the dual graft tree. Last week I harvested the Van side which produced 1lb of sweet dark red cherries. The Bings are bit larger and lighter colored than the Vans, but both are very good eaten fresh.

This is the best cherry harvest I have had since I planted the tree 9 years ago. The basket did have a few more cherries in it before I took the photo. I can't resist nibbling on them while I pick them. I got so enthused about the picking, that I forgot to spit out one of the cherry pits and then suddenly realized that I had swallowed it! Oh my. Now I will have a cherry tree growing inside of me. Oh my.

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Hardware Bob said...

Thanks for sharing your cherry harvest with me, the cherries were plump and very scrumptious.

I hear the pits contain cyanide, but I don't really know if the acid in the stomach is strong enough to liberate it.

Maybe you'll just grow a tree in your stomach like legend has it. You will then need to prune the limbs when they grow out of your ears.

Farmer Jen said...

Not funny, Bob!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

you guys are weird.
betcha he'd still love you even with branches growing out your ears, jen.

Carol Van Rooy said...

I don't think I'd of resisted eating long enough to have gotten a picture of half the quantity of cherries you have left there.

Do feel free to pop by and say hello.