Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Day, New Life

Grandpa Jack and sweet Annelise

My partner Jack's daughter gave birth to a beautiful baby girl last Friday. Mom and baby are both happy and healthy and doing fine. We drove down to southern California over the weekend to visit everyone and meet his new sweet granddaughter, Annelise. She is so beautiful! I have held babies before, but I had never held a brand new just-born infant in my arms. So it was a precious treat for me. See the photo below:

Me and Annelise in the hospital room

Just a day old and so full of life and personality! I was thrilled to be included in welcoming her to the world. When she smiled at me (yes, I know it could just be gas!) it really made my day. Babies are such perfect special beings. They come in and totally change your life forever. They make me wonder and ask more questions. They make me dream and look at everything differently. I think they know what they are doing.

On this trip we stayed in a hotel when we usually stay with relatives who live in the area. Here's a nice view from our hotel window:

Here's a view from our 8th floor balcony looking down at the pool. I was afraid I'd drop my camera or worse! We didn't swim in the pool, but we did have drinks by the fire pit that was down in the pool area.

We also over-indulged ourselves with food and drink on this trip. After a very nice dinner at the local Chili's restaurant, we split a large dessert called Molten Chocolate Cake. A moist chocolate cake, filled with warm fudge sauce, topped with vanilla ice cream and a hard chocolate shell. All drizzled with chocolate and carmel sauce. It was a meal in itself.

Jack attacking the Molten Chocolate Cake dessert. I quickly joined him after taking the photo.

It was a special weekend. Seeing new life blossom and thrive always amazes me. It helps to renew my spirit and passion. It's good for my heart and soul. It makes me realize how connected we all really are.

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Farmgirl_dk: said...

Annelise is beautiful and you and Jack both look so happy to be holding her. Will she call you "Grandma" Jen? :-) How special that you two went to visit and be with them. I loved seeing the picture of you holding her.
I've always wanted to try that molten lava cake at chili's! Yum.
And you totally should have swam in that pool!

Farmer Jen said...

Hi Danni,
No, "Grandma" titles for me! I will be just "Jen". She already has two Grandmothers. It was a nice visit.

That chocolate cake was very good. Warm and gooey.

We weren't expecting to stay in a hotel this trip,it was sort of last minute, so we had no swimsuits with us. Too public for skinny dipping! The jacuzzi looked nice too. Probably too much chlorine though.

Hardware Bob said...

I am glad you had the experience of holding a tiny new life in your arms.

There is nothing even close to the event after experiencing three children of my own.

It's quite incredible to know this tiny life in your arms totally trusts you.

The responsibility of being a new Mother or Father is beyond overwhelming, and the books never teach us enough. It does become easier with each child, but it's still a miracle and very scary at times.

Even with all the experience of bringing three children into the world it never helped me feel any less nervous when first holding them.