Saturday, April 5, 2008

Morning Tea, Simple Pleasures

Morning Tea in the Sunshine of my Porch

A couple of days ago I enjoyed my morning tea outside in the sunshine. I stood on my front porch and listened to the birds chirping and the squirrels chattering. The mug I chose that morning is a relatively new one that I purchased on a road trip I took last summer to visit my Dad who lives in Texas. Partner Jack and I drove there and back and managed to find some interesting scenery and diversions along the way. The best one we found was just outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico in a little town called Tijeras. We exited the highway in search of a bathroom stop and found a wonderful little gift shop/coffee bar/open air art market. Very quaint and very artsy. The gift shop/coffee bar is called the Just Imagine Gallery and on the weekends from May through October they have the Tijeras Open Air Arts Market on the lovely grounds adjacent to the gallery.

Well, the smoothies and the food were excellent. The gift shop was stocked with lots of interesting stuff. The mug in the photo above is a Laurel Burch design that has the following philosophical quote written on the side:

The soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears...

There's the quote ~ barely visible ~ click the photo to enlarge it

I have a book somewhere around here that has the same title. I believe it is an Native American saying.

Anyway, as I was pouring my tea in my beautiful philosophical artsy mug, I was thinking to myself that it is the little things, the simple pleasures in life that can mean so much to me. They can comfort me when I need it. They can bring back good memories when I need some. They can start my day off with a positive note.

The photo below is my favorite because it has two comforting things shown in it. My tea mug with it's nice quote and memories of our fun time in Tijeras, and of course, my sweet Jessie kitty who is my very best friend and companion. She is so cute and curious and attentive. I will write more about her another day. For now, enjoy your simple pleasures and have a positive day filled with good memories.

Curious Jessie with the artsy mug ~ in the morning sun

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Hardware Bob said...

I am glad you enjoyed a few moments of peace, and could partake in nature's glory to start your day out.

Nature can be so entertaining and soothing, and she seems to often arrive at just the right time. Pausing from the stress of life and enjoying her glory should be a daily treat for yourself.

I treated myself by watching the sunrise this morning and my tulips gently opening to capture it's warmth. It's is all quite amazing when you stop long enough to enjoy it.

A very insightful and powerful message on the mug with so few words.

Twinville said...

Ok!!! So I was reading along...and nodding my head about your mug and how it gives you good vibes and reminds you of special things. Yes, yes....I, too have a special mug that makes me smile.

And then, I got to the part where you said you drove through a little town in New Mexico called Tijeras!!

That's my home!! I live in Tijeras, NM! Yeppers, I do!
And....I have been to that quaint little place you mentioned, but not the Open Air Market, yet.

We just moved to Tijeras, from a town north of Albuquerque (Rio Rancho) last September, so there are still so many places out here to visit and explore.

I'm just so surprised and tickled that you've heard of and been to Tijeras! Most people have no idea where we are...even folks who live in Albuquerque, just over the mountains.

Ok, so you just made my night.

What a small world, eh?