Friday, March 21, 2008

Vernal Equinox

Seedlings Waiting ~ waiting for me!

According to my calendar, yesterday marked the Vernal Equinox, the first day of Spring. The season when the outdoors turns green and everything seems to bloom and grown in abundance.

Well, here I am sitting inside at my computer just having finished my second cup of strong green tea, (my caffeine of choice these days) and feeling a great need for some sunshine and warmth to penetrate my soul. So I gathered these recent photos of bright colors and sunshine from the world just outside my door and I am sharing them with you, my blog buddies, so that we can all celebrate Spring together. Some of you are still having wet and cold weather where you live, so it is my hope that these images of Spring will bring as much sunshine into your hearts as they did to mine.

When I am done with this post, I am going outside to nurture my soul with the real thing. Something I need to do a lot more of. For now, let me share a little bit of my Spring world with you.

Native Manzanita Trees in Bloom ~ Bees Buzzing, hear them?

Fruit Trees ~ planted a few years ago

The Old Girls ~ Red, Lucy & Barbara (still my Spring chicks!)

My Neighbor's Dog ~ through the wire fence ~ notice the blur where his tail is supposed to be. He's wagging it so hard that you can't even see it. He likes me.

Green Onion Pot on my porch ~ planted 6 years ago & still going strong

I love this shot. Makes me feel Spring in my heart & reminds me of Mom.

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Hardware Bob said...

Very nice posting, incredible photos, especially the first one.

Go get some of that sun, I've been standing outside the front door of the store myself most of the morning bathing in the sun's warmth.

I really liked the dog tail comment, cute.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

What beautiful pictures - my favorites are the first one..the light shining in is very interesting and the grape hyancinths in the background are perfect...and the one of your "old girls"...I can alreayd envision my baby girls looking like this someday soon...
I am so envious of your sun...we woke up this morning to below freezing temps and SNOW...fortunately it didn't stick, but it was odd to see it here in Oregon in late March...big white fluffy flakes, too. Brrrr!!

Farmer Jen said...

Thank you for your compliments on my photos. I really liked the first one too. The seedlings waiting for me give me that "Spring is Here" feeling.

Our sun comes and goes here too, but has been unusually warm and sunny these past few days.