Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tulip Tuesday

Red Tulips in my garden

I had almost forgotten that I had planted some left over tulip bulbs in my squash beds last year or the year before. They surprised me about a week ago when I went out to see them up and about to bloom. Here are some of my favorite colors. I love the red ones... and the pink ones....and the yellow ones and the purple ones...well, you get the idea. I really like tulips.

Here are some pale pink potted tulips that I received for Easter.

Easter Tulips ~ in a pot ~ blurry image due to low light and no flash

They have grown tall in their search for light in my house. I will plant them in the ground outside when their blooms have faded.

Pink Tulips in my garden

That's it for Tuesday's Tulip Report.

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Farmgirl_dk: said...

*There* you are...I was thinking about you this evening, wondering where you'd gone. Is all well with you and your world? I know you've suffered a tremendous loss lately (your friend), but I feel like something else is up. Don't know you well enough to ask, but ask I shall anyway: is everything ok?

Your tulips are lovely. They are one of my all-time favorite flower.

Hardware Bob said...

Terrific photos, thanks for the fine tulip report. I have yet to see a blossom from the ring of tulips in my wine barrel. Maybe in a few days.

My prized rose bushes have new delicate leaf growth, not one blossom yet. The dreaded buck brush is exploding into bloom everywhere. The breeze was heavy with the sweet scent last night when I went for a walk.

Farmer Jen said...

Thank you Bob. Your tulips and roses will bloom soon enough. Yes, I definitely know the buckbrush is blooming. Makes me sneeze incessently.

Danni, I so appreciate being missed by you! I understand, as I feel that I know you too from reading your blog posts over time. I really look forward to reading each of your day's happenings.

My friend's passing has been unsettling, but that is not the "something else" that you sense is troubling me. I don't mind at all that you ask. You are very perceptive, psychic I'd say, and I like that.

I have been struggling with many things since the first of this year. My own health issues: menopause (I'm only 47!) and stress induced migraines and fatigue, the health issues of my precious kitty companion Jessie, financial worries and relationship issues. In other words: LIFE in general. I have faith that it will all work out as it should be.

There are some days when I feel really down and I prefer not to post something in my blog that might be negative or a downer for people to read, so I wait until I feel more up before I write something. I want you all to keep visiting me and enjoying my sharing. I have really enjoyed making such good friends through my blogging experience.

I miss you too when you skip a day in your posts. I really think this blogging is addictive! In a good way, of course. Thank you so much for caring about me. You don't know how much that means to me.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Hi jen...you've got a lot going on, don't you. I found the beautiful memorial site that you all designed for Cynthia. She was one incredible, beautiful, very loved woman. My heart aches for her husband/partner and for her children and her friends. What say you about the guy who channeled her in the comments section...did you see that?
I'm sorry for the struggles that you mention. You've got some doozies that you're dealing with..
Do you thiit seems nk it's at all odd how that every significant stage of our lives is viewed as another challenge to be "gotten through"? Sometimes I think it would be so much easier if we were more welcoming and accepting of these changes. I am trying so hard to adopt a mentality of acceptance and growth through the difficult times in my life - you know, the things I can't control, but it's so hard! Maybe it's the societal/cultural attitudes that go along with some of these stages that cause people (women especially) to feel weak, and often shamed, by these times, but this is why connections to and with other women are so important.

Your posts clearly indicate your deep feelings of loss and sadness over your mom. How long have you been without her? I don't think you've mentioned this yet, have you?

And Jessie - oh dear..the pain of losing an animal companion, too, is staggering. We lost our beloved flat-coated retriever after 11 1/2 years almost 3 years ago now. In our heartbroken grief, one week after his death, Roxy came into our lives. It felt, in many ways, like it was way too soon, but our home was never meant to be without the love of a dog.
Jeez. I sure can go on, can't I? sorry about that. :-) I have way more to say, but I should stop here about stress and writing your blog for others instead of yourself, but I will stop here. :-)

p.s. And what about this Hardware Bob? (lol) :-) :-) He seems like a really good guy and a special friend.

Farmer Jen said...


I don't mind your expressiveness. I like hearing from you. I've sometimes wished we had each other's email addresses so that if we both wanted to we could communicate a bit more privately when the subject matter indicated it. Mine is "jennifer at nobletouch dot com". Email me if you want to.

Hardware Bob is a good guy and special friend.

I think I did mention that my Mom passed away almost 11 years ago. She died in May 1997 at the age of 73. I do miss her.

The menopause thing doesn't bother me that much except for the headaches and sleep disturbances. The hot flashes aren't so bad. I am taking natural herbs and prefer to support my self naturally. No hormones, at least not yet. I do miss sleeping well though. That lowers my energy level and effects all areas of my life.

My kitty Jessie is 15 and has hyperthyroidism and kidney issues. She is sweet, loving, attentive and energetic, but she is losing more and more weight even though she is taking medication for the overactive thyroid.

I have two other cats and my 3 hens. One of which I just brought inside the warmth of my home tonight because she has taken ill. She has a fever and is obviously weak. I just gave her some subcutaneous fluids and will be calling the vet in the morning to get a current prescription for antibiotics as the ones I have expired two years ago so I am afraid to give them to her. I do hope she makes it through the night. I think the drugs and the fluids can save her even if she is 7 years old. That's pretty old for a chicken. So something else to stress over tonight.

I call myself Farmer Jen, but a real farmer probably wouldn't bother to save a chicken or take them to the vet. I am just an organic vegetable gardener who has a few chickens! A farmer wanna-be. I do have a couple of pairs of bib overalls though...

I think it's wonderful that you followed my other blog to the memorial site that my friend Josh created for Cynthia. Yes, I did read the long comment by Karl who said he was channeling Cynthia's spirit. I actually do believe in being able to talk with those souls who no longer have a body, and I am familiar with some of the techniques to do that, but this man really seemed to have a detailed conversation with our friend Cynthia's spirit. It was very interesting to me because the words he used really did sound like words that she would use to express herself. Cynthia's husband, Don, will get through her passing and will recover. He is strong and has good support. We will be seeing him this Sunday at her Life Celebration gathering at our Town Hall community building.

See? I can go on and on too...I need to go check on my chicken now. Make sure she is warm and comfortable tonight. Then I should get some sleep too.