Friday, March 21, 2008

Night Wanderings

Full Moon Goddess

Walking alone in the dark with only the light of the full moon spilling over the nearby hills to light my way, I hike up the hill from my mailbox to my home. Too busy today to leave the house and get my mail, I do it now in the dark. It is peaceful this time of day. There is a slight breeze. It brings the sweet smell of Spring mixed with the distinct scent of steaks that one of my neighbors must be cooking on their grill. The scent of their dinner surrounds me and whets my appetite, although I have already eaten. The barbecued dinner is a sign of the warming weather. The soft breeze and the scent of pollen in the air usher in Springtime.

I look up and gaze at my Full Moon Goddess now rising higher in the sky as I approach my home on the hill. She is beautiful and so bright. She takes my breath away every time she shows off her beauty. Just for me. My moon.

Tonight she is serenaded by soft music floating up from our small town below. I can hear the guitars and the beat and the country twang of the singers. A familiar song to my ears. I stand there and sway with the music as my gaze stays fixed on the moon above. I hear them serenade me too. “knock, knock, knockin’ on heavens door….knock, knock, knockin’ on heavens door…” yes, I remember that song. The beat gets in my blood and I remember good times.

I smile at my Moon Goddess and talk softly to her. I ask her questions and listen quietly for her answers. I feel them in my heart. I can almost hear my Mom’s voice in the moon’s whisper.

The music is fading now. The singer is talking and the crowd is cheering and applauding. The town is entertained tonight, and so am I.

© Copyright 2008 Mountain Harvest Basket


Farmgirl_dk: said...

Awww, I would've liked to have been standing there with you listening to those comforting sounds. I love the full husband prefers the dark times - when the moon is away and he can see the stars the best, but I love the moonlight...when it shines down on all the trees around our property and sort of...illuminates everything around me. Yeah, I'm a moon girl, too.

Hardware Bob said...

You write so well, I felt like I was right there with you feeling the Moon's soft light against your face, your mom's soothing voice, the music and scents floating lazily in the breeze.

The Moon Goddess is special for me to.

Farmer Jen said...

I love watching the full moon up here in the mountains. Our air is so clear most of the time and our night sky is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your love of the moon with me.

Twinville said...

I love a full moon, too, but only if the sky is clear, too. When their are clouds or fog in the sky the moon can look so creepy and spooky.

I, too, enjoy walking at night under a full moon. I don't need a lantern and everything is so illuminated with deep shadows all around.

I enjoyed reading your thoughts and feelings you had during your night wanderings.