Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mid August Harvest

Smaller than usual harvest haul

The relatively cool weather until just these past 2 weeks of ultra-hot, has slowed down the growth of the veggies in my garden. Then the sudden and intense heat seems to be telling them to ripen quickly. So I'm noticing that I'm getting ripe veggies that are smaller than usual.

I’ve only harvested one green zucchini so far, weighed about 1 lb, a good size for a zuke, and these 4 very small yellow crooknecks. Not sure how any of them taste yet. Only a few tomatoes have ripened so far. Romas and golden cherry tomatoes. The cucumbers are the small, pickling variety and very tasty.

Everything is moving in slow motion. Everything but time, that is.

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Hardware Bob said...

Very nice veggies and very colorful, great photo as always.

The continued hot weather will produce many baskets of yummy veggies.

cyn. said...

beautiful! Not just your area, my tomatoes are slow here in San Jose. Early Girls have had small tomatoes, my Driveway Cherry are barely producing, and my Best Boys are doing NOTHING in the front greenhouse. Bah!

CaliforniaGrammy said...

But at least you got something from your garden! We are battling four-legged critters. Ken came in this morning and announced all our tomatoes were stolen during the night. Seems like we're gonna have to take more extreme measures to keep them out of our garden.