Friday, April 20, 2012

My Sweet Frieda


Frieda “Freedom” “Freebie” Noble
May 1, 1993 (really April 16, 1993) – April 18, 2012

My sweet girl. You came to me when you were so hungry, scared and skinny. You came to me when I needed you in my life. You had your 5 little kittens hidden in our flight simulator cockpit, which to you must have seemed like a tall, safe tree. I heard about you and your babies, and I came to rescue them and take you home to live with me. You were scared and you were wild. You fiercely protected your babies. You tried to escape when I was moving you into a safe carrier, so I had no choice but to grab you with both hands, whirl around and put you into the carrier and slam the door. Your babies needed you. I needed you. You scratched and bit me so badly that I bled all over the screen door and had to go to the emergency room for a tetanus shot. I survived and so did you and your babies. We got your babies adopted out and you checked and spayed. Then the adoption people asked me to take you home to live with me because you were too wild to be adopted. I hesitated for a moment, but knew it was the right thing to do.

You lived outside my home for a couple of years, safe from traffic and dogs. You would jump on my car when I came home from work to greet me and say hello. I’ve always loved you for that. You would sit outside my front door on top of my BBQ and monitor everything that passed by. You would leave me gifts of mice and bird parts on my front door mat. You were sweet that way. You made me smile with your loving gifts, my baby.

Then when it got too dangerous for you stay outside any longer, I coaxed you inside and started to integrate you with Jessie and my home. You and Jess did not get along that well at first, but eventually you learned to tolerate and respect each other. You loved each other in your own way. I am so happy for that. You were safe in my home now. You were fed and warm and sheltered. You did not play much, except for batting a ball around occasionally, but you loved to be petted and purred so loudly. You meditated in the sphinx position a lot. You walked with your tail in a cute curled up question mark causing us to nickname you “Question Tail”.

You got out once and I thought I’d never get you back, but you allowed me to tempt you back in with a can of tuna. Thank you for that, Frieda. You got out again after we moved to the forest. You were so scared and disoriented that you dashed back inside the house. I was so relieved because I was worried that you would get hurt out there in the wilds. You loved my sunny windows and wide windowsills. You loved to sleep in the sunbeams in the mornings and by the warm fire on cold nights. You loved your food and always came when I called your name, like I would when you lived outside. “Friedaaaaa!” I would call and you would come to me knowing that it was dinner time.

In Jessie’s last days, you snuggled close to her and kept watch. You were there for me when she passed away. You missed her too and I could tell you were grieving along with me. It took several months, but you finally started to ask for more of my affection and attention, and about that time, Sarah kitten came into our lives. You growled at Sarah, her high energy bothered you, but she only wanted to know you and play with you.

As you grew ill and weak, Sarah still wanted to be with you and play with you, but she did learn to respect your wishes and kept her distance right up to the last day of your life. She knows you are gone. She misses you. She is trying to comfort me. Charity misses you too. He howled after he saw your body lying still. Even the chicks miss you, their roommate.

Thank you my sweet baby for allowing me to take care of you when you needed me most. Thank you for letting me hold you, feed you and doctor you. It is a privilege for me to be your Mom. I am sorry that sometimes I got frustrated with you and the situation. I was so sad to see you become weak. In your last weeks, you sometimes would look up at me and meow softly to me. You called me to you several times and seemed to ask me a question with your eyes. I know you were ready to leave your body and did spend time outside of it, but that you were afraid, and that you did not want to leave me or our home. I know you were committed to stay with me until Jessie returned as a kitten again. I understand now that you will still keep that commitment. You and Jessie will return to me as kittens or young cats. You will live with me and with each other again in our happy home. This bond of love cannot be broken.

I do miss you so much Frieda my sweet kitty. I miss your loud purrs and your soft snores. You were noble, meditative and your own girl. You were strong and loving. You lived to be 19. That is an accomplishment to honor. I love you dearly and will wait impatiently for you to return to live with me. Be happy. Be free.

I will love you always.
Mama Jen

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