Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer Veggie Garden

Raised Bed Summer Veggie Garden

This summer's moderate temperatures has caused slow growth in my main veggie garden, but it is chugging along as you can see in the photo above. In the foreground you can see cucumbers and summer squash (zucchini & crookneck). To the right foreground in this photo are green (bush) beans. Several types of tomato plants are growing in the middle of the garden. Absolutely NONE have ripened yet. Not even my dependable cherry tomatoes. They are just little green marbles! In the back you may spy a couple of basil plants and some parsley. You cannot see the eggplant and chile plants in this shot as they are still quite small and hidden from view by the tomatoes.

While I personally do not need any more hot weather, my veggie garden does. I need my veggies to produce for me! And I need to harvest them before the gopher intruder (aka "the DAMN gopher") damages and/or destroys any more of my nurtured veggie plants. He (I've decided the intruder is a male gopher!) has already eaten my habanero chile plant that I grew from seed and he damaged my volunteer garlic crop! I had to harvest it a bit earlier than planned to curtail the damage. So I really need my garden veggies to cooperate with me and get busy producing their crops so that I can hurry up and harvest them for my family's meals rather than for the gopher's (that DAMN gopher!) dinner.

Ha! Stay tuned. We will see who wins this harvest race yet. Yes, gardening can be a competitive sport!

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