Sunday, March 29, 2009

Healthy Baby

Annelise enjoying the bananas!

Jack's granddaughter Annelise will have her first birthday on April 11th. Her Mom and Dad are having a party for her complete with music, cake, ice cream etc. We are planning to attend, and I will report back here about the festivities.

For now though, I just had to share this latest cute photo of Annelise learning to enjoy healthy foods while shopping with her Mom and Dad!

She is such a cutie! I love this photo.

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Monday, March 9, 2009

Belated Birthday Posts

Candle Forest

Walnut Butterflies

I have been so busy and stressed out for the past several weeks that I have had little time to create blog posts. I did make time to post about my 1/2 birthday celebration and my other milestones, but I neglected to post about Jack's birthday at the end of January and also about Bob's birthday at the end of February. Sorry Guys. You know how busy I have been dealing long distance with my Dad's issues. I know you understand.

Anyway, in this post I will catch up by showing you some photos from both men's birthday celebrations. We all had a fun time, ate too much cake and ice cream and laughed a lot.

In the photos above leading off this post, you can see some close ups of Jack's birthday carrot cake with lemon vanilla cream cheese frosting.

Below is the same cake in all its flaming glory!
Beeswax candles aglow for Jack's birthday

Blow hard Jack! Get them all out. Good job!

Some of Jack's birthday presents waiting for the party to begin

This was a good moist carrot cake...Mmmm....

Along with the cake we had Jack's favorite Natural Vanilla ice cream from Breyer's. No ice cream photos though.

One last shot of the flaming cake before it disappears...

Now Bob's birthday is really Leap Day, but we celebrated it on February 28th this year. Bob requested either a carrot cake or a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting for his birthday cake this year. I decided to experiment and give him a little of both.

He got a chocolate cream cheese frosted carrot cake!

Bob's Chocolate Carrot Birthday Cake

Jack supplied Bob's requested ice cream: Rocky Road. Again, no ice cream photos.

Of course there were birthday gifts to go along with the cake:

Gifts and Cake ~ natural beeswax candles, of course

And some balloons too:

Birthday Balloons

Bob successfully blows out all of the candles

Chocolate Covered Carrot Birthday Cake...moist and delicious

I think I prefer the lemon vanilla cream cheese frosting on my carrot cake, but the chocolate cream cheese frosting was very good too. I think the white frosting looks better on the carrot cake, provides more contrast in colors. Both cakes were devoured very quickly.

Happy Birthday Jack and Bob!

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