Sunday, May 25, 2008

Rainy Morning Harvest

Sweet William Flower Bouquet and Artichoke freshly picked in the rain

It's raining, grey, foggy and cold here today. Very strange weather for a Memorial Day Weekend. Usually it is sunny, clear and hot.

I did manage to play in my wet garden a little and picked a nice artichoke and a bunch of colorful Sweet William flowers to brighten things up in here. See them above in my produce scale on my front porch.

Today the 3 of us, Bob, Jack and me, will be attending the annual Memorial Day BBQ bash that is hosted by one of our neighbors. The event is usually held outside on the beautiful grounds of a lovely mountain home a few miles away from here and a few hundred feet higher in elevation than my home which is at approximately 3000 ft. We will be climbing up the local hills here to about 4500-5000 ft high, which means that it will likely be even colder and more rainy up there today. Snow was predicted last night at the 6000 ft level.

So it will be a different experience for us today. I am sitting here wearing a warm sweatshirt when a few days ago I had on tee shirts and tank tops trying to stay cool. I have laid out a nice pullover sweater to wear to the BBQ party. Must finish this blog post so that I can have time to get ready to leave soon.

Partner Bob picked me a lovely bouquet of roses from his garden and brought them to me this morning when he came by to collect my trash and recyclables to take to the local dump. What more could a girl ask for, a man who takes her trash away and replaces it with sweet smelling beautiful flowers...

Sweet scented Roses from Bob's garden

Enjoy the weather whatever it is where you are today! I'll take my camera to the rainy BBQ and see what interesting photos I can capture for future blog posts.

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Hardware Bob said...

The bbq you mentioned was fun, and surprisingly many people braved the cold and rainy weather. I am still quite stuffed from all the food and desserts.

I like giving you flowers on trash day or any day for that matter, that special smile on your face is more than worth the exchange.

I liked your posting, great photos to, and look forward to you coverage of the bbq.