Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday Morning

So maybe some of the garden strawberries made it into the house... least long enough to have their picture taken with their neighbor the artichoke.

A few days ago I blogged that I was eating most of the luscious sunshine filled strawberries right in the garden and hadn't collected many to bring into the house. Well, the above basket harvested a couple of days ago is proof that at least some strawberries saw the inside of my kitchen. So far I have harvested about two pint baskets full. There are more ripenng in the sunshine. I grow them in a 8ft x 4ft raised bed that they share with my surviving artichoke plant. Which as you can see does produce a few edible artichokes each spring.

So far this morning I have:

1. Picked strawberries

2. Watered the boysenberries and blackberries

3. Been surprised by a small and timid snake sunning himself on my front porch

4. Made minor updates to several of the websites I maintain

5. Done various house and garden maintenance chores

6. Received over 330 spam emails in my inbox when I opened it this morning

So I took the time to write an email to my ISP support department asking for help to stop the barrage of spam emails. It seems that some jerk has been using my email address as their return email address on thousands of spam advertising emails that they have sent out over the past few weeks. As a result, all of the "undeliverable mail" notices and even a few complaints get received by me at that email address. I figured it would pass in a few days, but so far it has not. It is really annoying. It pisses me off that someone would steal my email address and use it like that. No answer from my ISP support dept yet, so I thought I would vent about it here.

Updating the websites is fun and it relaxes me. I am sitting here in my cool office avoiding going outside to weed my gardens and plant more veggie seeds. Yesterday, I mowed for about 90 minutes with my new used lawnmower. It works pretty well, but I was sure tired, hot and very very dusty when I came in afterward. I got my shiny new mower all dirty and dusty too.

Well, I need to do a few more business related tasks before I venture out in the midday heat to work in the garden. So off I go.

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Farmgirl_dk: said...

Dang, you've been busy!!
I love artichokes, but Jim doesn't, so we never have them. Homegrown to boot - I bet they taste wonderful!! Yummmm...
I actually made us fruit smoothies last night...with FROZEN strawberries. Yours look luscious!!
Sorry about the spam. Hope it's not like a lot of mine...always wanting me to increase my male member. lol :-)

Farmer Jen said...

Hi Danni,

You've been busy too. I was just reading your blog post for today too. I left a comment, but blogger hiccupped when I submitted it, so it may be lost. I didn't say anything profound anyway.

Yes, my homegrown produce does taste very good and very fresh. The artichokes are not very large, but they are a fun size as an appetizer or snack.

This latest round of spam emails are the "undeliverable mail" notices generated from the person who is sending out their spam ads in my name, but yes, I get plenty of those "increase your size to please your woman.." emails too. Makes me laugh out loud, as I did when I read your comment.

Good to hear from you. Keep us posted about the donkey delivery. It's exciting!!

Hardware Bob said...

I am glad to see Farmgirl is back in the fold beating me to posting comments occasionally. Like me, she enjoys reading up on the daily exploits occurring on the Farmer Jen Ranch.

You both write so well, and I really enjoy the entertainment, the photos and the fabulous videos. Thanks to you both for making my day brighter.