Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Rainy Day BBQ

Foggy view from the deck

I promised you some photos from our rainy Memorial Day BBQ party at our neighbor's house here in the mountains. Above is the view from their deck looking into the woods.

Jack and Bob at the bar

It was very cold and damp out there on the deck. Luckily they had those patio heaters (see above photo) and a cute little wood fire pit thingie to keep us somewhat warm. (see below photo)

Fire pit thingie ~ producing profuse smoke

The location was beautiful if a bit cold and foggy. The food was pretty good. The wine was plentiful. Lots of people showed up.

Here's a bit of color I found in their front yard.

Yellow Yarrow

Hopefully next year will be more sunny. Weird weather we are having here right now. Very weird.

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Hardware Bob said...

The Memorial Day party was fun, the weather certainly wasn't cooperating all that well, but there was definitely an endless supply of food and drink.

Like the photo showed, the fog was creeping between the trees like an eerie Stephen King thriller, and stayed that way all day long.

The flat landers were huddled together indoors; us hardy mountain folk gathered outdoors around the smoking fire pit thingie consuming rum laced coffee.

All in all a fun time, hopefully Mother Nature will cooperate better next year.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Wow, when I first saw that top picture, I thought you were in the midst of a forest fire...that was some dense fog you had! But, rain or shine, fog or not, a party with friends is always a good time.

Someday, Jen, you need to explain the Jack-partner/Bob-partner thingy to me. I grow confused about the relationship aspect of it all. :-)
HW Bob is soooo nice, yet I think you live with Jack (who certainly looks nice, too, but never chimes in) and you call them both your partners. Hmmmmm.... :-)

Farmer Jen said...

Hi Bob,
Yes, the party was fun, but very very cold. I look forward to next year.

Hi Danni,
Ha! I knew someday someone would ask me about that. I am glad it was you. Basically, they are both my boyfriends, but I will email you with a bit more explanation instead of writing more in these comments to keep me safe and my private life private.