Thursday, March 25, 2010

Comfort Food

Meatloaf & Mashed Potatoes ~ comfort food
(yeah, I know it looks like meatballs, but it's just meatloaf pieces)

I was in need of some special "comfort food" today. So I decided to make myself a nice dinner of my Mom's meatloaf recipe and my mashed potatoes.

Simple food. Meat & potatoes. Not filled with dark green veggies or their nutritious antioxidants. However, I did use natural meat that had no additives, hormones or antibiotics in it. The potatoes were organic russets. Nothing from my garden this time. All from the store.

I just wanted to be comforted, filled up with good food and experience the loving memories of my Mom and my childhood that this meal brings my heart. An easy to make and easy to eat dinner.

Thanks Mom! I love you. Thinking of you today.

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CaliforniaGrammy said...

It's wonderful that we have all those kind of memories of our childhood, especially our moms. I've been thinking a whole lot about my mom these days too. It was a year ago about this time that we lost her. But I've got tons of great memories to warm my heart and make me smile . . . even though a tear may roll down my cheek every now and then. The comfort food supper looks delicious . . . I love mashed potatoes!

Hardware Bob said...

Great comfort food, makes you feel good when things aren't going your way quite right.

Everything will work out, as she would have said it. She is watching over you, organic or not.