Friday, January 16, 2009

Spring in January?

Spring bulbs emerging early

I know that many parts of the US are having very cold weather right now. Lots of snow, ice and rain going on out there according to the weather news. Here in the Sierra foothills we have been having unseasonably mild weather all week. It's been very sunny and warm during the day with mild breezes. Feels like Spring is happening in the middle of January.

A couple of days ago, I donned a short sleeved tee shirt and a pair of summer shorts and sat in my lounge chair (you know, the lounge chair that was covered in 6 inches of snow not very long ago) to soak up some sun and get my natural vitamin D while reading my newest herb book. I must have stayed out there about an hour just enjoying the quiet day and relaxing. Something I don't do very often. I even heard a few frogs/toads waking up and talking to each other. Sure seemed like Spring was starting in the middle of January.

The photo above shows Spring bulbs, they are either crocus or grape hyacinth, that are planted in my terra cotta bowl on my porch, emerging from the soil as the weather warms up this week. They are even bigger today than when I took this photo earlier in the week.

I know we will get more cold, rainy and even snowy weather before Spring really arrives in March, but for now we are having a nice Spring preview. It is confusing the plants though. They will all pop out and then get snowed on in a few days or weeks. Always an adventure with nature.

For those of you who have colder weather where you are right now, take heart that Spring is not very far away. It will be here soon.

The nights are still cold here. Each day in the late afternoon the temperature drops and my house does get quite cool. I haven't been building many fires in my woodstove yet this winter, but I have been baking things in my kitchen. You know, just to help warm up the house...

Last week I baked a batch of banana muffins to use up the overripe bananas, and to warm up the house, of course.

I need to make another batch, as these are long gone by now, and I have more overripe bananas sitting around. And I need to keep my house warm on these cold nights....yeah...that's it...keep the house warm.

What's the weather like where you are today?

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Hardware Bob said...

Yup, my bulb plants are emerging too. The birds are also more active and chirping happily. The unusual weather has everything confused.

The sun feels terrific, but I also know we need snow pack and much more rain to get us through the dry summer months.

Cold weather will return soon enough, it's only mid January. In the mean time I am going to enjoy some comfortable Winter yard work.

The banana muffins were definitely yummy, yes I do believe you need to make a second batch.♥

Anonymous said...

We have a sanny warm weather- 15 C- here in Greece , Jen.
Keep smiling
Roula :))

frugalmom said...

Ohhhhhh...I love grape hyacinths and banana bread/muffins.

The weather is not so bad right now, considering Im not at home! But back home it is dang cold...below zero temps and biting winds. On the up side tho, it has been really sunny.

Farmer Jen said...

Hi Bob,
Yes, this "Spring in January" weather has been a nice break from the cold & wet we had in December. I like the chirping birds and the frogs talking to each other in the warm weather. The weather forecast for later this week predicts colder temps and rain for several days. So we do need to enjoy our sun as long as we can. Glad you liked my muffins.

Hi Roula,
Thank you for the weather info from Greece. I had to translate the 15C to 59F to imagine what it feels like over there. I've never been to Greece, but would like to visit sometime.

Hi Marcee,
Where are you if you are not at home? You sure travel a lot!

frugalmom said...

Well, Im in Oregon, of course!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Baking to keep the house warm.....I love it!
I'm sure it smells delightful in your house, too.

Spring arrives in March?? You better remind Mr. Weather here in our mountains. We don't get a permanent visit from Spring until late May, early June.

Seriously. Last winter we got some warm Spring like temps in Jan.....then March....then again in early May....and then BAM!!!
14" of snow in the middle of May, followed by two hail storms in late May and early June.

It's so difficult to grow anything up here at 7,000 ft. Weather plays tricks on the plants, making them bloom and grow, then shock them with snow, hail and freezing temps.
We didn't get any peaches, apricots or apples from any of our fruit trees last year because they had bloomed then they were hit hard by the freezing weather.

I'm so glad you got outside and enjoyed your lovely warm temps. I hope they last a while longer so you can stay warm and enjoy the outdoors.


Farmgirl_dk: said...

Now, if I had to guess, I would say those are wee grape hyacinths popping up...I have a terra cotta pot just like that with something similar peeking through.
I, too, heard the frogs the other day...unusual when the temps at night are dropping to 24 degrees.
Those muffins look yummy!
Marcee's in Oregon? :-)