Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ho Hum Week

There just hasn't been anything interesting enough going on around here to inspire me to write a new blog post. I guess I am tired and occupied with recovering from all the activity and stress of the holidays. Lots of people, lots of entertaining, lots of big meals, lots of sweets, not enough rest or exercise or peace & quiet. Sounds like I am getting old...

Anyway, my Christmas tree is still up in my living room:

I love how beautiful it looks (this picture does not do it justice) all sparkly & colorful with all of the many special ornaments collected over the years. Each has a story that is meaningful to me.

While I did take down and pack away the rest of the Christmas decorations on New Year's day, I left my beautiful tree up for awhile longer. It's always the last thing I take down each Christmas season. Partly because it is a lot of work to gather and pack each ornament away, but mostly because it is so beautiful and makes me think of being a little girl again, so happy that it is Christmas. It is magical to me.

So my tree is still up in my living room, but will only be there for another few days, as I must take it down and vacuum all of the pine needles up to ready my home for the new year ahead. Sort of sad though. I really love my special tree.

This week has been a little boring. Mostly full of chores. I have done a lot of laundry:

I did many, many loads of laundry. So much accumulated over the holidays with the extra cloth napkins, tablecloths, towels and sheets. Not to mention more changes of outfits for different occasions and weather. I still have several loads of massage therapy sheets to launder for my business to get back into full swing as the new year starts. Oh joy, more laundry to do...

I spent some time bringing up loads of firewood, pine and oak, from my woodshed to my front porch:

Kindling too. I strained my back, stupidly (I know better than that) , by bending over at the waist to pick up a heavy stack of wood, instead of bending at my knees. My low back and right hip are still sore from doing that a couple of days ago. The massage I received today helped quite a bit, but mostly it will just have to heal on it's own. I know better than to do something so dumb like that, but I just wasn't paying attention. *sigh*

One bright note that happened this week was my receiving these pretty flowers from Hardware Bob:

They really brightened my day and my home. It's been so dreary and grey around here with the cold, wet weather. The colorful flowers are very pleasing. They have a lovely scent that I appreciate every time I walk by. We also went out to a fancy dinner at a nice restaurant last Friday night. Had the whole place to ourselves! Very quiet and relaxing, if a bit too expensive. I like being pampered now and then. Makes me feel good.

Well, back to work for me. Must get the place ready for my massage clients tomorrow. Clean this, organize that...it never ends.

See, I told you there wasn't much to write about this week.

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Farmgirl_dk: said...

Wow - sounds like we're kind of leading parallel lives this week. Our tree is still up, too... 1) it's pretty and I like the cozy glow it casts and 2) we still have presents underneath for people who weren't able to make it on Christmas due to the weather. Jim's son is coming over this Friday, so the last of the gifts will be gone then...maybe next weekend the tree will come down.. :-)
And...I just went out yesterday and collected a bunch of kindling..I didn't hurt myself, but I did put it all in a big green bucket *identical* to the one that you show in your picture. Handy and colorful! :-)
Sorry about your back - those things can happen so quickly - in that moment we're just not thinking about what we're doing. Mmmm...massage....good thinking on your part. :-)
That Bob...pretty flowers! I love how sensitive he is to your spirits. Jim brought me red tulips last night.
(see? lots of parallels!)

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Dang. that was a really long comment that gal left you. (sorry about that) :-)

Farmer Jen said...

Hi Danni,
Yes indeed, parallel lives. I've had those big green buckets since I moved up here over 10 years ago. They work well for storing a small amount of firewood on my porch.

My back gets stressed and strained all the time, just not usually because I did something avoidable. My main career right now is Massage Therapist, so while I am relaxing my clients my own body gets a muscle workout. That's also why I thought of massage for my own relief. I actually get a massage every 2 weeks, as I swap massage services with another local therapist.

Yes, Bob is good at gifting me with pretty flowers. These were sort of for our anniversary which was last week. Your red tulips sound wonderful. I absolutely love tulips! Especially red ones. I try to grow them here, but the gophers eat the bulbs and the deer eat the flowers. *sigh*

I love your comments. I like that they are long and filled with news.

Hardware Bob said...

I am definitely ready for a much needed break from the holidays. Good that we have a full 11 months to rest up for next round of holiday fun.

Sorry you hurt your back. Being older......uh more mature, I personally subscribe to the old folk's creed; bent knees, grab, and lift.

I very much enjoy giving you flowers, be it for an Anniversary or to just cheer you up from the gloomy days of Winter. The broad Greek smile always makes my day.♥♥

The magic of Christmas will return again next year.

CaliforniaGrammy said...

I have had the duldrums after caring for the grandkids during the holidays for ten days. I think it's just a let-down after having to be "up" for the kids' sake. But today, the decorations have all been put away - in our little place that didn't take long - and I'm pretty much back to my ol' self once again. I'm getting a bit tired of the cold weather we've been having, though.

Your Bob is a keeper, alright! What a sweetheart and quite sensitive.

Hope your back heals up quickly so that once your clients start coming you'll have the strength to do your think and not hurt yourself.

Happy New Year Jen!

frugalmom said...

Massages....those are nice things. And flowers? Those are great, too. Especially when they come from someone special.

Im sorry to hear that youve hurt your back. I hope you are feeling better soon.

And laundry? I can so relate to that.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Sounds like you have plenty to ride about and so much going on to move you forward into the New Year. My tree is still up, too. I do usually keep it up through January, as I like the way it warms up the living room with it's flickering colorful lights. But I'm not sure when the tree or outside lights will come down this year as I'm not able to take them down myself. Maybe we'll have Christmas in July? :)

So sorry yo've hurt your back. I hope you feel better soon.
Those flowers are lovely.

I have a dear friend that is a massage therapist, too. She tells me that quite often the energy from one of her clients will carry back up to her and she will need some massage, yoga or other spa treatments to help draw out that negative energy and stress.
Take good care of yourself, Jen :)

New Mexico

Farmer Jen said...

First, let me thank everyone for their concern about my hurt back. It was just a strain, nothing serious, and has already returned to normal. I strain various muscles and joints all the time. I only mentioned it in my blog to hopefully remind others not to do what I did when lift something heavy. Thanks everyone!

Hi Bob,
I love the holidays, but they can be overly busy and stressful for me sometimes. I still think that my current Christmas tree holds some magic for me. And yes, next Christmas will be magical too.

Hi CA Grammy,
I have already been tending to massage clients. Kind of hard to get back into the swing of things after taking 2 weeks off from my business, but I am managing, strained back and all.

Hi Frugalmom,
Today I massaged my massage therapist friend who massaged me last Tuesday. We keep each other in shape. My flowers are still lovely, and my laundry is still not finished. More to do tomorrow.

Hi Lisa,
It's nice to hear that your tree is still up too. It's also nice to have you visit my blog and comment considering how busy and rough you've had it recently. I am flattered that you read my blog even with all that you are going through with your knee etc.

I rarely take on a massage client's negative energy. I sort of put up my own energy shield, sort of a protective bubble around me, when I work on people. This way I am protected, and they have their own space too. I also get massages and do yoga sometimes, meditate and take long hot showers to relax me. I could still improve my stress relief and stress avoidance however. I am working on it!