Saturday, February 5, 2011

From our Farm Store

Yukon Gold Potatoes & Brussels Sprouts

Got these fresh organic veggies yesterday at our local Farm Store. They just looked so good and fresh in my colander that I had to take a photo and share them with you. Also got some fresh leeks. The potatoes and leeks will be made into soup. The Brussels will be (and already have been) eaten lightly stir fried or steamed. Nice and fresh. Lovely veggies.

I am so grateful for our local organic farmers and their membership market store. Looking forward to Spring and my own garden veggies too.

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Farmgirl_dk: said...

Pretty potatoes and brussel sprouts! What I really noticed, though, was your banner photo - wow! The soup and bread look absolutely delicious and made my mouth water!
Freshly baked bread and homemade soup...comfort foods extraordinaire!!

Farmer Jen said...

Hi Danni,
Thanks for the photo compliment. I added that header photo at the beginning of the year when our weather here was so icy and cold. The homemade chicken soup and fresh baked rolls just made me feel so much warmer!

chook said...

those brussels sprouts look divine. now i'm imagining them with a little bacon...nom nom nom.

seriously though, i'm going to try to grow them again next year.

CaliforniaGrammy said...

There's nothing better than organic produce. These potatoes are gorgeous. We can't wait to get our garden going in our new lifestyle!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

It's amazing how much better food looks and tastes when it's fresh and local :)


Hardware Bob said...

I am sorry for the delay in commenting on your brussel sprout posting.

Never had a liking for brussel sprouts all that much or cabbage for that matter either until you cooked them for me. There I was blaming the poor veggie when obviously the skills of a fabulous Greek cook were required.

And,organic vegetables is the only way to go. We have no idea where some of our veggies come from any more in the grocery stores. You want a wake up call, read the labels on the canned vegetables and fruit for the origin.

So we support our local organic farm as much as we can and also grow our own veggies in our modest gardens. No pesticides or nasty chemical fertilizers for us.

Great photo as always. Springtime will be here soon enough as will our continued battle with the arriving weeds. Happy growing to everyone.

Farmer Jen said...

Hi Chook,
Thanks for your nice comment. I've never grown Brussels sprouts. I may have to try cooking them with bacon, usually I just use some EVOO and seasonings.

Hi Janice,
Organic and fresh is the way to go!

Hi Lisa,
Yes, these veggies from our local farmer are all so fresh and lovely. We are blessed with such a nice resource here.

Hi Bob,
Thank you for commenting here. I have missed your comments on my blog posts recently. Yours are the first ones I anticipate and look for, and I get sad when they don't appear within a couple of days.

My post was about our local farm store veggies, only one of which was your not favorite Brussels sprouts. Getting fresh, organically grown sprouts and then knowing how to cook them makes all the difference in taste. You have eaten and enjoyed my Brussels Sprouts and also my cabbage cuisine in the past. Thank you for the cooking and photo compliments. I appreciate both, especially coming from you.