Sunday, December 12, 2010

Whispering Jessie ~ My Sweet Baby

Whispering Jessie Noble
October 1, 1992 – December 12, 2010

My sweet, precious kitten. My very best friend, confidant, and companion. She is the most beautiful of kitties in the whole Universe of kitties, and I told her so every chance I got. She is a sweet, strong and brave girl. She loves me so much, she trusts me with everything, and I love her with all of my heart. There will never be another kitty quite like my sweet Jessie. There is a huge hole in my heart today. A very sad day for me. I will be sad for a long, long time to come. I miss her so.

I named her Whispering Jessie after the John Denver song. Jessie always purred very loudly when happy or when comforting me, but she mewed and meowed in a very soft, whispering voice. Her quiet gentle movements around our home will be missed. Her presence in my daily life filled my heart with love, light and warmth. She taught me so much about love and life. About friendship and commitment, even when times got tough. She taught me to play and to laugh and be happy. She always comforted me when I was sad, upset or crying. She would come to me and purr and rub her face on me, my leg, my hand or my face. Any part of me that she could reach. She was strong and a fighter when it came to adversity. She loved me and trusted me so. Her eyes were bright and deep. Her sweet soul radiated for all to see.

She went quickly and died in my arms. Rest and be at peace now my sweet baby. I love you with all of my heart and soul. Come to me in my dreams and meditations. Visit with me and comfort me. Guide me and love me for all of my days and nights. I know we will be together again. Please let me know it is you when you come to me again. I love you, I love you, I love you more than anyone will ever know. You are the most beautiful of kitties in all of the Universe of kitties. Ever there was.

All my Love Forever,
Mama Jen

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chook said...


sorry about your kitty. they worm their way into our hearts, don't they? i still miss my doodlebugs, who shared my life for 16 years.

Farmer Jen said...

Hi Chook,
Thank you for reading my post and for leaving your nice comment.

I will miss my Jessie in a thousand different ways every day. We've shared our lives together for a long, long time.

CaliforniaGrammy said...

I'm so sorry for your loss, Jen. You were blessed with a dear sweet friend in Jessie, and you couldn't have loved her or cared for her any more than you did. She was so lucky to have you for her mama. I know in my heart that she will be with you forever, and that someday you'll be together once again. God bless you and Sweet Whispering Jessie.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jen
To lose some one close like your Jessie is very sad. We saw how you cared and loved her. We are here if you need us or want a willing ear to listen and console you.....Loretta and Bob

Hardware Bob said...

We said our last good bye to Jessie this morning. The sun had just risen, and was shining warmly on her final resting place that we had prepare in her honor.

Jen offered a touching tribute to honor her best friend and close companion, and there was not a dry eye as she knelt down and kissed her sweet Jessie goodbye. Then she whispered lovingly that she would see her again.

Jessie was a very sweet kitty and I can still feel her sniffing and rubbing up against my leather shoes when I visited. Jessie loved anything that smelled like leather and enjoyed being petted.

I will miss her. Rest peacefully Whispering Jessie.

Farmer Jen said...

Hi CA Grammy/Janice,
Thank you so much for your kind comments and support when I am so sad today. I especially appreciate your belief that she and I will be together again. Thank you for being my friend. I know you love the animals too.

Hi Loretta & Bob,
Your love and support means the world to me. Yes, you saw how I loved my Jessie. You could see the love in her eyes too. Such a sweetheart she was. Thank you both for being there for me. It's times like this when I miss my Mom the most.

Oh Bob,
Your words are making tears run down my face. They are falling onto Frieda who is occupying my lap while I type. She is trying to console me with her own love and warmth, and it is good, but it just isn't the same feeling as my Jessie. Thank you again for helping me deal with Jessie's passing and for being here yesterday and this morning for the important things like saying goodbye to my best friend and baby. I am trying very hard to fill my heart with the memories of the good happy times with her over the years. Speaking of leather, remember how she would head-butt your leather belts when you sat down on my couch? She loved to rub her face on the leather. She was marking you with her scent. You were her friend too. You took care of her lovingly when I was away on road trips. Thank you for that. And thank you for understanding my deep love for her.

Blue Eyes said...

I'm so sorry. Our pets bring such unconditional love and joy to our lives.

I have been lucky enough to have been owned by many special animals, but as you said some will always stand out with that EXTRA special quality that only comes along occasionally. Little "humans" in kitty or puppy bodies don't you think? I had a cocker spaniel named Cali. She lived for 20 years. Long past "life expectancy" for most dogs, but she knew she needed to see me through the death of my husband before she could go. She and I knew what the other thought and felt. They are much more in tune than most humans, don't you

My heart goes out to you because I know the void your loss leaves. Know others care and share in your loss. May God bless and keep you both.

Lyliana Setianingsih said...

Hi Farmer Jen,
I just want to say I know how you feel. My kitty also died, at the vet's clinic. How sad, and I never want to have another kitty since then. I was 25 years old then and I cried non stop for 2 days.

Anyway, Farmer Jen, your blog is so neat, and very inspiring.
I just love reading your blogs, about your everyday life, that is so very different from us.

You inspire me to write a blog about my gardening too. It's amazing how simple life can be, right?
And, I hope you don't get carried away. New love will find you, I think your Sweet Jessie would love to know that..

Thank you, greetings from Jakarta, Indonesia.

Farmer Jen said...

Hi Blue Eyes,
Thank you for your kind comments and for sharing your own experience with me. I know my Jessie stayed with me to see me through some difficult times too. I appreciate your support.

Hi Lyliana,
How nice to have a reader from such a far away place! Thank you for your kind comments about my blog and my Jessie kitty. I will keep writing and I will keep loving her. She is still with me and will be forever. Please leave more comments in the future, and let me know where to read your blog. That would be so lovely.

Anonymous said...

I'm so very sorry to hear about Jessie. We lost our little Trouble, our 16 year old cat, on 12/8 and it has been a very difficult time. There's such an empty void that nothing can help, not even the happy funny memories, which are many. (this is one of your NF neighbors - we have met, though you may not remember me - Marianne)

Farmer Jen said...

Hi Marianne,
I do remember meeting you. I don't remember where though. We were standing in line somewhere together. At Kern's maybe?

I am so sorry to hear about your kitty, Trouble. You are right about the unfillable void that is left. I believe my Jessie is still with me even if I can't see her, so maybe your Trouble is with you too. Thank you for your kind comments.