Wednesday, April 21, 2010

One Month into Spring

It snowed here last night. Not a lot, but still cold, icy, snow.

Third week in April. It's supposed to be springtime now, right?

My driveway ~ can you see the pear & apple blossoms covered in snow?

It's been a long, cold, wet winter. I am tired of the rain and snow now.

Cherry Tree & Bay Tree ~ snow frosted

CA Redbud Tree ~ in full bloom ~ snow frosted

Note my lounge chair in the photo above. The one I enjoy sunning myself in when it's warm outside. Covered in a thin layer of snow this morning. No sunning myself today!

That's the edge of my main raised bed garden to the right of the photo. Full of snow. Good thing I have been too busy to plant it yet. Only the over wintered garlic grows in there today. I normally have all of my cool weather crops in by the first week in April. Between the weather and my schedule this year, I have done almost nothing to ready my gardens. The guys did help me to weed it. So that's something.

Manzanita Trees ~ pretty when laced with snow

I long for the softness, warmth and sweet scents of Spring. I want to see my gardens grow. I love the little seedlings pushing up from the soil. So brave. So strong. So determined. I love how they grow big and produce much.

Butterflies and flowers. I am so ready for them.

Colorful Roses ~ picked April 18th

The beautiful, sweet smelling roses in this last photo, were picked at my Mom's old house located a couple of hundred miles from here in a warmer sea-level climate. It was actually almost hot there last Sunday when I collected them. They remind me of her.

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CaliforniaGrammy said...

I'm with you, Jen. I just want all this wet stuff to go away. We left our Jen's place last night and it was lightly snowing there. She's a bit higher elevation than we are. But those beautiful roses have got to bring a smile to your face every time you pass them. Our real spring has just got to be around the corner!

Hardware Bob said...

A very big surprise to wake to snow flurries and almost an inch of snow on my freshly mowed lawn this morning.

Winter has been hanging on far too long, time for some flowers and butterflies like you say.

This year I will again fight the urge to complain when the summer heat is sweltering.

And, very pretty roses indeed.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Gosh, you guys continue to have a colder spring than's unusually cool and wet around here - with even the occasional snow flurry - but nothing like what you've got going on.

Think warm thoughts, Jen..that's what I keep trying to do!!

Dianne said...

Beautiful pictures and hopefully by now, you're into SPRING!