Sunday, August 30, 2009

A Bowl of Sunshine

Sunshine Yellow Meyer Lemons

Look at my bowl full of sunshine! Those are some beautiful home grown Meyer Lemons.

No, I didn't grow them here at Mountain Harvest Basket. It's difficult to grow citrus up here in the mountains. These lemons were a gift to me from Jack who brought them back from Los Angeles a week ago. His sister has a bountiful lemon tree at her house near the ocean, and she gave him a big carton full of lemons to bring home.

This is the second bunch of lemons he has brought me this summer. We have squeezed some directly into tea and on shrimp salad and grilled salmon. We have also made a few batches of fresh lemonade to quench our summer thirst. Very good lemonade! I like to make Greek salad dressing using fresh lemon juice in place of vinegar when making vinaigrette. Using the best dark olive oil I can, of course.

I used some of these juicy lemons to make a lemon meringue pie earlier in the summer. We gave some away to friends and family. We had so many lemons that we had to start squeezing a whole bunch at once before they spoiled so that we could save the juice for later use by freezing it. I have some more squeezing to do here soon. The juice freezes well and will be a welcome treat during the fall and winter months. The tart citrus flavor adds a "brightness" to so many savory and sweet dishes.

I just wanted to share some of my sunshine with you today. When life gives you lemons...☺

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Hardware Bob said...

What a happy and sunny looking bowl of lemons. I love that brilliant, almost blinding yellow color. Mother Nature really knows her stuff.

My share of your juicy Meyer's lemons will soon be used for making a peach pie.

Harvest time is in the air.

frugalmom said...

Those lemons look so lovely. My husband would be in heaven if he had all those! He loves fresh lemons.

Sounds like you are making great use of them!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Oh boy...I totally thought you were going to write that you grew those and I was going to be so envious...(well, I still am, actually, that you received all those beautiful lemons) but it's clear that we mountain dwelling Pacific Northwesterners (do you consider yourself a PNW?) shan't be growing any citrus any time soon. You have been busy, too - making all those delicious things with your lemon juice!

Hey - we've got fresh peaches ready at the farm down the about we mix your lemons and my peaches and make some tasty pie? :-)

Anonymous said...

September's days are here,
With summer's best of weather
And autumn's best of cheer.

Greetings from Greece

Roula :)))

CaliforniaGrammy said...

Ya gotta love those lemons!