Friday, April 10, 2009

A Sweet Treat

My Favorite Rum Raisin Ice Cream

Last night I overdosed on my favorite rich rum raisin ice cream. I don't eat it very often, as I don't usually buy it for myself. This little pint of RR was a surprise gift to me from Bob. He knows that I enjoy it especially when I am in need of cheering up. He also knows that bringing me a pint of this special ice cream can effectively get him out of the "dog house" should he find himself in one at any time. It works pretty well.

So moments after he handed me the carton of RR, and while his attention was elsewhere for the moment, I opened it up and dug into its rich creamy goodness. I did share a spoonful or two with him while he was here, but I saved most of it for later after my dinner. Then I totally OD'ed on it before I fell asleep on the couch in a blissful rummy milky slumber.

Mmmmm....creamy rich goodness... and chewy rummy raisins

Thank you Bob! You are very sweet.

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Hardware Bob said...

Yay, I am out of the dog house, at least temporarily while the ice cream holds out.

I'll probably keep a few rum raisin backups in my freezer just in case.

Glad you enjoyed my offering.♥♥♥

Farmer Jen said...

Hi Bob,
The ice cream is already gone. It was delicious! And it doesn't work to store it in your freezer. The magic comes from you thinking to give it to me and then going out of your way to bring it to me at the time it is needed. Besides, it must be fresh!

Barbee' said...

MMMMmmmm! Looks luscious.

CaliforniaGrammy said...

Hey Bob, next time bring two, and sit down and enjoy it together! Hmmmmm . . . what a great idea!

frugalmom said...

Oh yeah...what CaliforniaGrammy ice cream date...thats heavenly!

Good move, Bob.

Farmer Jen said...

Hi Barbee,
Yes, it does look good in the photos, and tasted even better.

Hi CA Grammy,
Actually, when sharing this particular ice cream, it tastes best when one carton and two spoons are used.

Hi Marcee,
Yes, an ice cream date. They can be very fun, but snarfing down the whole carton by myself is fun too.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Hmmm...but, really, the burning question on my mind is what Hardware Bob did/would do to put him in the doghouse in the first place! :-)
I don't think I've ever tried rum raisin ice cream...even though I don't really like raisins and I'm not too fond of rum, would I maybe like it? lol
I loved this phrase: "fell asleep on the couch in a blissful rummy milky slumber" sounds so peaceful! :-)

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Hey...what's happening with the Thessoloniki? Any sprouting? I've had excellent success with the rest of my WinterSown seeds, so I'm thinking good thoughts for yours, too!

Farmer Jen said...

Hi Danni,
Good to have you back! I'm not telling what Bob did, but frankly, I don't even remember now. Rum Raisin ice cream must affect my memory...

I planted all 7 of of the Thessaloniki tomato seeds you sent me. Only one or two has sprouted so far. I have been having poor luck with all of my seedlings this year, not just those. Could be the weather or the fact that I started them so late. In years past I have had excellent seed germination rates, so I am puzzled as to why I've had so much trouble this year. Anyway, I have hope that the two that sprouted will grow strong and hearty. I've been waiting for more growth before I do blog post about them. Thanks again for the seeds Danni!