Monday, December 15, 2008

Let it Snow!

It started last night...around 7pm

and snow fell off and on, mostly on, all through the night. So far, it has accumulated to about 6 inches deep at my 3000 ft elevation. This is what it looked like around my place this morning:

Porch Railing doubles as "Snow Measurement Device"

Frosted California Redbud Tree

I probably won't be driving anywhere today...

Or sunbathing in my lounge chair either...Bbbrrrrr...

Not much sun present today to melt the snow off of the solar pathway lights

Oh well, it needed refilling anyway...

Won't be gardening today...too cold for that

Might watch some TV...this dish works even with the snow on it

Of course, I won't be doing much of anything if the electricity goes out as it frequently does this time of year. So I wanted to get this quick blog post up so that my faithful readers will know what's going on here in my world and know that I am still alive and kicking even if I haven't been posting much lately.

Almost time for Winter Solstice, but not quite.

Is it snowing where you are?

Bon Hiver & Happy Winter (a bit early) to you all!

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frugalmom said...

Nope, not too much snow here. More like sleet and high winds. Yuck. The portion of the woodpile that is uncovered is all stuck together due to the ice. They say snow and more sleet will be coming for the rest of the week...we will see...

Stay warm over there. Sometimes its nice when the power goes out for a cozy in a blanket with candles and a good book...just for a little bit tho!

CaliforniaGrammy said...

I had to Google "Bon Hiver" . . . never too old to learn something new, that's for sure. Now if I could only master a French accent and know how to pronounce it! We left our daughter's house (3300) last night in a pretty nasty snow storm . . . naive city folks that we are. But we made it home (1800 ft elevation) unharmed. No snow to speak of at our place, it was just too wet to stick to anything. Your place looks like a winter wonderland! Stay inside, and keep a supply of candles and hot cocoa nearby just in case.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Wow - your weather pixie only has a sweater on! :-) I think you mentioned that she is a little warmer than you because the closest bigger city to you is pretty far down in elevation, right?
We got about another inch of snow last night - I'd say, looking at my deck railing :-), that we have about 4 inches now. Forecast calls for more on Wednesday. Winter is here, Jen. No more gardening for a while. :-)
Very fun pictures. Stay warm...

Hardware Bob said...

Just a sampling of more to come tonight, a much larger weather front will be arriving very soon.

I love the snow, playing in it, making snow angels in it, throwing snowballs at the passing cars, the crunching sound under my boots, and me and my trusty old 4WD can go just about anywhere in it.

Yay for snow, the more snow the better, that's what I say. And, one can almost hear Santa snapping out orders to his reindeer scoping out in advance of Christmas who's been naughty and nice. I've been good Santa, well, pretty good.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jen it` to cold there ?i`m from Greece i read your blog every day i love it!
Keep warm!

Farmer Jen said...

Hi Marcee,
The sleet and high winds sound awful. I'll take the snow over that kind of weather any day. Yes, we stay warm and cozy in our homes. (No power outages so far.) You stay warm too!

Hi CA Grammy,
I had to look up how to spell Bon Hiver on Google when I included it in my post. It's pronounced "bohn eevair", but I like to say it like "Bony Bear", cracks me up. I fell in love with the phrase and the custom of greeting friends that way on the first snow of the season way back when I watched a Northern Exposure episode about winter on TV. The warmth of that show pleased me. I have lots of candles (I sell them!), cocoa & marshmallows on hand for the cold weather. Stay warm!

Hi Danni,
Yes, my weather pixie is from the Fresno area. They are lower in elevation than we are, but not always warmer. Fresno is the nearest city that had a pixie available for me to use. I like that the pixie has a Christmas tree now. Festive. Thanks for the photo praise. I am staying warm by the fire and with plenty of blankets.

Hi Bob,
Where's our big weather front today? We didn't get any more new snow last night at all. Sounds like the little kid in you loves the snow. Yes, you have been mostly good. Sometimes a little naughty, but I like the variety. ♥

Hi Anonymous,
Wow! A regular reader all the way from Greece! I am very flattered and impressed. Thank you for commenting today. My Mom's parents were born in Greece, so I am half Greek. It's great that my blog reaches that far away. Please keep reading and commenting.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Hi Farmer Jen,

I know it's cold where you are and all, but the snow sure looks pretty. And your lounge chair looks soft and plush, like it has a fluffy cushion on it. lol!

We're at 7,000 ft elevation up here. Albuquerque is about 3,500 elevation. They got a dusting on Monday, but we ended up with 6" up here. It's a beautiful powdery dry snow, too.
And then the gusty wind came yesterday and blew all the snow into drifts, so it looks sort of funny now with lots of bare spots and then 10-14" tall drifts scattered around. :)

Enjoy your snow,

Anonymous said...

Hey! Jane now i can to explain how do you know about dolma food!
Greetings from Greece.

Farmer Jen said...

Hi Lisa,
Our snow here in the Sierras is a bit wetter and heavier than your Rocky Mtn snow, but still beautiful. Our snow is too heavy for the wind to blow it into drifts. I finally uncovered my car today!

Hi Anon,
Yes, I do know how to make some of the Greek foods my Mom taught me, and I have learned some on my own.