Friday, September 5, 2008


Yesterday I received my very first blog award from my friend Farmgirl DK of Critter Farm. She gave the "I ♥ Your Blog" award to a few of her blogging friends and highlighted their blogs in her post yesterday. I am honored and flattered to receive this award. She said such nice things about me and my Mountain Harvest Basket blog. I really enjoy her blog and read it faithfully. Her photos are wonderful!

I will need to think for awhile before I can figure out to whom I'd like to pass this award. There are so many deserving blogs that I enjoy reading.

Here's the award I received. I am especially flattered because it came from someone whom I admire in the blogging world and in life. Farmgirl DK, you rock!

Today is Farmgirl DK's half birthday, so here's the half birthday cake that I promised her but couldn't get to fit into the CD slot on my computer. I tried to FAX it to her, but that didn't work either. So she will have to settle for this virtual chocolate half cake. I made sure the candles glowed extra brightly just for her. At least it's low in calories this way.

Happy Half Birthday to You!
Happy Half Birthday to You!
Happy Half Birthday Dear Danni!
Happy Half Birthday to You!
And many moooooore...

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Twinville said...

Congrats Farmer Jen :)
You deserve it. Your blog is so full of joy and deep ponderings.
It's wonderful visit for all.

By the way, is it REALLY 102 degrees there???!!
Your little girlie is wearing an itty bitty swimsuit, and I think she is wilting! gah!

We've gotten a whoosh of warmer air this week, up into the 80's. But I think I would melt if it got into the triple digits.

I'm thinking beautiful cooling thoughts for you :)


CaliforniaGrammy said...

Congratulations Farmer Jen! I especially check in on your blog because I love reading about your sweet relationship with your buddies. Of course I like seeing what's growing in the garden, and your cooking tips. And you live so close by (when we're not in Oregon)!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

I absolutely LOVED my half-birthday cake. Thank you so much. I got a great giggle from this. My cake was so fluffy, so light, so airy, it was like it had NO calories whatsoever...the most perfect kind of chocolate cake :-)
I think you're great!

Hardware Bob said...

A well deserved award, and very sweet of Farmgirl to honor you this way.

And, Jen is great, Jen is great, she makes Farmgirl chocolate cake.

Happy birthday Farmgirl, and thanks for the terrific, somewhat embarrassed smile I observed on Jen's face when she received your award.

Farmer Jen said...

Hi Twinville (Lisa),
Thank you for the blog praise. That warms my heart. Speaking of warm, my weather pixie indicates the temperature down in the nearby valley city of Fresno which is close, but not exactly the temperature here in the foothills. The Fresno pixie was the closest one I could get for my area. It was about 10 degrees cooler here yesterday in the mid 90's. Thank you for the cooling thoughts.

Hi CA Grammy,
Thank you for the congrats. I am pleased that you enjoy my blog. Yes, my partners are very special to me and I do like to feature them in my blog from time to time. It's probably time for more garden and food posts though. It's cool that you and I live in the same mountain area (when you are not traveling!).

Hi Danni,
I am so happy that you enjoyed your half birthday cake. You and your blog are an important part of my day. Thank you for being there and being my friend.

Hi Bob,
Thank you for the blog and cake praise. Yes, I was very flattered and pleased that Danni honored me with that nice blog award. I was never embarrassed even a little bit! I loved getting the award. It made me smile really big and warmed my heart.