Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Garden Art

My Gardening Angel

One recent morning I was in my garden enjoying the green plants, the sunshine and my various garden accents that I call my Garden Art. These are just an unorganized collection of doo-dads that I took a liking to and purchased for myself or maybe received as a gift over the years. I decided to share them with you, my blogging friends.

Above you see one of my newer accents, my Gardening Angel, keeping watch over my broccoli and my chard plants. I do think she helps them grow strong and healthy. In real life, my Mom was, and still is, my Gardening Angel.

My Gardening Rooster

Also among the veggies is another newer color spot, my Gardening Rooster. He protects the basil and the eggplant from being overrun by the squashes. Yeah, right.

Sun Faded Sunflower

Moving away from the veggie garden and over toward one of my herb gardens, we find a much older art specimen, my Sunflower & Butterfly friends. The sun has faded her petals, but she still stands among the oregano and thyme to add her muted colors to the mix.

Metal Hen and Her Chicks

In the front weed flower bed there is Metal Mother Hen and her 4 little Metal Chicks contentedly pecking the ground for bugs and worms.

Metal Quail Pair

In keeping witht the metal bird theme, also in the front bed near the porch stairs, I have my Metal Quail Pair to greet my visitors and make me smile each time I see them.

Hummingbird Solar Garden Light

Also in the bird family, and located in between Mother Hen & Chicks and the Quail Pair, is one of my pair of Hummingbird Solar Lights. These were a birthday gift to me from Hardware Bob a few years ago. They work well to brighten up the walkways at night.

Venturing onto the porch itself now, we find several frogs engaged in various activities.

Frog & Dragonfly Rocker

The first is the animated Frog & Dragonfly that rocks back and forth in balance except when the wind blows them both over with a loud clang. They were a gift from Joggin Jack's daughter many years ago.

Tiny Frog Windchime

The photo above shows what is left of my tiny Frog Windchime that lives in a potted plant. The windchime part fell off long ago, but the frog part is still cute.

Ceramic Frog Pot Waterer

This cute little froggie was a gift from Joggin Jack about 2 years ago. I spied him at a summer festival and Jack got him for me. When I fill his mouth with water, he slowly waters the plant in the pot in which he sits. The frog, not Joggin Jack.

My Favorite Windchimes

Still on my porch it's time for some aerial scenes. First above, are my favorite windchimes. They are tuned chimes and sound so beautiful when the breezes blow.

Bird Feeder and Waterer

Then my bird feeder and waterer made by a local artist who lives very near me. The birds love to visit and eat the seeds, drink the water and make a huge mess all over my porch.

High Tech Herb Drying Line

My favorite artsy garden art shot of the day is a close up view of my Herb Drying Line which is strung between two porch posts. It is functional and fun. I enjoy seeing the bunches of herbs hanging there through my screen door in the summer. The overhang of the porch awning protects the drying herbs from rain and from too much direct sunlight. Every now and then I replace the heavy duty twine that is the line. After awhile the sun weakens it.

Summer Harvest Basket

The real art in my garden is shown above in one of many ever changing versions of my Summer Harvest Baskets. Nature is the real artist around here.

© Copyright 2008 Mountain Harvest Basket


CaliforniaGrammy said...

What a great idea "Garden Angel" is which is a guardian angel over the garden . . . never thought of that and I love the thought. But the best art of all is the harvest, of course. Fun post.

I'm getting homesick seeing the beautiful manzanita. We don't get those in our Oregon homebase.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

What a fun tour...I love the metal hen and her chicks the best, although I love the thought of your mama being your gardening angel.
Those clothespins look like they're about six feet tall!!
:-) :-) :-)
p.s. i'm celebrating two birthdays over the weekend...will yours be a third? :-)

Farmer Jen said...

Hi CA Grammy,
I love my Gardening Angel and the play on words. The manzanita are always pretty, but it is still very dry and hot here. Cooler these past few days, but it will get hot again soon. I'd love to visit Oregon sometime. It seems so green and beautiful.

Hi Danni,
The hen & chicks are cute. I do need to clean up that weed bed that they are foraging in however. I'd like to get some pretty flowers in there if I can. The deer eat them though. Yes, I liked the special effect of the clothespin shot. I just snap photos and have fun. Sometimes they turn out "artsy". I think of my Mom as both my Gardening and Guardian Angel. I especially miss her around holidays and my birthday (August 19th). She always made it so special for me. Now, Jack and Bob make it special. I will post about it tomorrow.

Hardware Bob said...

I have seen every special ornament and feeder close up, often on my hands and knees removing flourishing weeds (oops, plants) in order to see them once again.

Personally, I really like the head Gardening Rooster the best, but the sweet angel and the high tech herb drying pins are running a close second.

The wind chimes do have a wonderful soothing tone.

Great gardening art.

Bren said...

This collection of thoughts on your blog is wonderful. I often have a hard time thinking of what to say. Your blog is inspiring to me. Keep Blogging and thank you for sharing.

Farmer Jen said...

Hi Bob,
I do appreciate your help around the garden. I know you love the sound of the windchimes. I do too.

Hi Bren,
Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I am blushing at your praise, and I am glad that my blog inspired you. I just write whatever comes to mind at the moment. You are an artist! Your blog is great. I took a peek and will be back to visit again.

Twinville said...

Wonderful garden art tour, Farmer Jen.
The quail are my favorites. I love seeing them around here with all their little babies scurrying behind. :)