Friday, February 22, 2008

Seeds of the Mind

Since it looks like this here today:

Still beautiful but cold, rainy, wet and muddy outside......

I think I will stay inside, build a nice warm fire in the woodstove and spend some time reading, planning and dreaming with these today:

My 2008 seed catalogs.

I especially like the one in the middle from Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply

I find that a good garden, or any worthwhile project for that matter, first starts with seeds planted in your mind. Ideas. Dreams. Visualizing great outcomes. This is the first step to planting a great garden.

Over the past 10 years that I have lived here at about 3000 ft elevation in the California foothills, I have planted organic vegetable and herb gardens nearly every summer. Right now my gardens are a mess due to the winter weather and also to my neglect. So I need to spend some time reading, planning and dreaming about my bountiful veggie and herb crops that I want this year. Today is a good day to do that. Do the mental work today. By the fire. All warm and cozy with a cup of tea and my cats. I can go out and do the physical garden work another day....when it's warmer....and drier.


rmke1nf said...

Curling up near the warmth of a fire, dreaming about the arrival of Springtime, and enjoying the love and comfort of your kitties sounds like a good way to spend the day.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Hi Jen,
Thanks for the very nice comments you left on my blog. It's fun to get comments from new people and then to have them be as positive as yours were, it was a really nice surprise. I love your top photo of the green apples - did you grow them? You have the beginnings of a wonderful blog. I look forward to reading more.

Sue@CountryPleasures said...

Thanks for answering that, you live in some pretty country! Small world to find someone else who lived in Vegas, I did about 30 yrs. ago, and went back almost 2 yrs. ago and didnt know it! Love the top photo!

Farmer Jen said...

Thank you for the nice comments everybody! I am thrilled to be receiving such great comments and questions so soon after starting my blog. It's exciting hearing from everyone! Please come back to visit and comment often. I really enjoy all the things you blog about and have been inspired by you all.

Hi Bob,
I haven't curled up by my fire yet today. Been too busy on the computer, but I will save some time this afternoon for those veggie dreams.

Hi DK,
You deserve those nice comments. Your blog rocks! I love your writing and your photos and your are so open and expressive. It really got to me. I love that. Yes, I grew those apples on my Golden Delicious apple tree a couple of years ago.

Hi Sue,
Thanks for the compliments on my photos. I emailed you about the Las Vegas stuff. Small world indeed.